The #1 Practice Today’s Leaders Have In Common That Keep Them Happy and Successful

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We’re all “time poor” today and we don’t need any more random information wasting our time and mind space especially when designing your life and fulfilling your purpose… there’s too much information, there’s too much competing for our time and attention.

We can only afford to pay attention to things that are relevant to us and that we can get and we can understand. We don’t want to invest our precious time and energy in something that’s not going to provide immediate results.

We get nothing done because of the way that we think and do things.

When we think inaccurately and don’t start our day off right, we’re likely to keep getting nothing done, because we start out focusing on low value tasks and then we get caught up in other non-productive things and other people’s agendas and get nothing done.

If instead you start out each day “feeding your mind” with intention, focus and practices, (Designing Our Lives) we get the high value tasks done and feel good about our actions because we immediately start getting better results.

The net result is that you’ll get better results, more clients and receive more money.

And as an added bonus, you’ll never get to the point where you’ll feel like “goofing off” again and getting nothing done and you’ll have more sustained results in your business.

The best way to start is by planning out your high-value Morning Success Ritual, then focus on practicing it on a consistent basis and measuring your results before doing anything else.

You need to develop effective rituals, practices and habits if you want to be productive.

When you connect the dots; the difference it’s going to make in your life is that you’ll move toward your goals of having a thriving business that supports you and your family’s desires and never look back.

Click below to watch a 5 minute video on how to start your own Morning Success Ritual and get a planner to make it happen.

Morning Success Ritual Planner

The #1 Way to Avoid Failure

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What you feed your mind on a daily basis creates your experience of life. However, far too many people believe that they “don’t have the time” to give their minds the kind of information that can help them create real, tangible results and achieve their dreams.

But ask yourself this: how much time do you spend…

  • Commuting? North Americans spend an average of 100 hours a year commuting to work—about 24.5 minutes each way.
  • Working out at the gym, walking, running, lifting weights or going to classes?
  • Running errands? The typical person is behind the wheel anywhere from 500 to 1,000 hours per year.
  • Cooking dinner, cleaning the house or doing chores? As of 2005, men spent at minimum 13 hours each week on housework and women spent 17 hours a week.
  • Waiting for appointments or a bus?
  • Parked in front of the TV? The Nielsen Company reported that the average North American watches 4 hours and 35 minutes of TV per day. How much of that do you think is content designed to inspire and educate your mind?

We all have a number of tasks each day that occupy our bodies, but not our minds. Instead of “zoning out” and squandering away our precious minutes, what if you used that time to feed your mind with the best inspiration, information and coaching available, specifically designed to accelerate your results in a very short window of time?

What if instead of heading home tired and over stimulated looking for something to entertain you and take your mind off your day, you listened to an audio program or audio book that inspired you to take a different perspective on your life?

How do you think you’d feel learning something new that helps you grow instead of watching someone act out a character on TV knowing that they are living their dream, but your not? The possibilities are endless!

But you “must” begin by selecting something that you want to learn and begin feeding your mind every day. Life is short and the more habits you have around wasting your time doing something that’s keeping you the unhappy and the same, the more regrets you’ll have down the road.

Mark Twain said it best: Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.

Don’t wait to get started; “waiting” is just a habit. Start now and leave comment below to let me know you like this.

How to Overcome Adversity from Being Overweight by Changing Your Mindset

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Obesity has become a huge problem in the world. With so much available for us to consume without having to work all that hard, it is not surprising that the average weight has increased significantly in the past few years.

Obesity and being overweight does not just cause physical health problems, It can cause a great degree of stress as well. Every single person that is either overweight or obese faces a great deal of adversity. This adversity is causing the social disapproval that comes from being overweight.

People start to consider you fair game for teasing and taunting. The stress that you are put under causes you to gain even more weight. This eventually sets a vicious circle into motion, whereby people who are obese get stressed out and end up gaining even more weight which makes their attempts at losing weight even more of a struggle.

Therefore, changing your mindset is actually a really important part of losing weight. By changing your mindset, you are going to change the way you approach and perceive everything in your life, especially your weight and your attempts to lose it.

One of the most important aspects of changing your mindset is perseverance. Most people give up after a few days after attempting to start losing weight. They do so because they expect to see immediate results, no matter how unlikely it is to see immediate results while attempting to do something so difficult.

As a result, they automatically assume that the rest of their regimen is going to result in a failure as well. They project their initial failures onto the future of their weight loss regimen, which certainly would be far less likely if they choose to persevere instead of giving up so early on.

In our interview, Susan has a very deep story to tell about her own struggles with weight loss. In this video, Susan describes how she was overweight as a teenager. However, she did not become obese until she was in her twenties.

She explains that this progression was actually caused by the fact that she was overweight in the first place. Being overweight put a lot of pressure on her because of the inevitable teasing. She faced the same problem with perseverance that so many other overweight people face.

Her failure to lose weight would depress her, causing her to eat in order to suppress her stress. This resulted in her gaining weight and going from simply overweight to obese within the span of a decade.

Susan’s story is interesting not only because it provides an important example of the vicious cycle that overweight people tend to be caught in, it also provides an example of someone who broke out of the vicious cycle and managed to lose weight with the power of her mindset and a desire to change.

Susan has achieved her target weight now and aside from being an expert at overcoming the odds of beating obesity, she is a college professor with a PhD in brain and cognitive sciences, which gives her a deeper understanding of the mindset behind weight gain.

Susan now teaches exactly how to overcome being overweight and obese in her program called Brightline Eating that promises that you’ll be Happy Thin and Free at the end of her program. She has a free gift waiting for anyone when you go to her website. Once on her site, download the free report that’s called The Three Huge Mistakes That Almost Everyone Makes When They Try To Lose Weight. Click the link above and download it now for a short period.

– Dan

Be careful what you WISH for!

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Your thoughts become your things! Thoughts aren’t just impulses that we release from our minds. Our thoughts travel and bring back to us what we think about whether we like it or not, which is why we must be very careful about what we’re thinking about the most. When we attract an unpleasant circumstance or even to ourselves, we need to ask ourselves what thoughts we had that lead to the event unfolding.

Because many of our beliefs were laid down early and they were just copied from people closest to us unconsciously, like our parents, siblings, relatives and teachers, we have to examine, we have to go back and ask what was the programming, “what were the beliefs that I was imitating when I was a child?”

What was the conversation between my parents, what were the conversation about  money, risk, faith and change, what were their beliefs, what was their self image about success. Did they think that rich and successful people were good people or did they think they were bad people.

Did they identify with successful people or did they identify with people who struggled. What were the things that they believed that they weren’t aware of that they got from their parents and ancestors.

So we need to do an analysis of the beliefs that we have and watch them and become aware as they come up, because now we aware of it, we will see when it comes up. And be careful what you wish for because you will absolutely get what you wished for through your thoughts.

– Dan

The #1 Way to Break Your Beliefs

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We all have an imagination – our imaginative faculty at our disposal
that we use daily just going from one room to another. Yes, we see
where we’re going in advance, but it’s so quick that we don’t tend to
notice it.

Our minds see in pictures and we are programmed to foresee
where we’re going even if we don’t know what it will look or feel
like, our imagination will stir up old memories and create a picture
for us to use temporarily until we arrive and see it physically for

So we can use our imagination to our benefit all day long and at
night while we sleep and go unconscious, our subjective, subconscious
mind takes all of the major experiences and top of mind thoughts and
converts them into dreams, which we perceive as real until we wake up
and return to consciousness.

Dreaming comes naturally because it’s what the subconscious mind does
and your imagination is working whether you want it to or not, however
in between all of this mental activity is your belief system.

Alright so we can imagine what we want, we will dream about it if we
imagine and think about it enough, but how do we crystallize it into
belief? When you truly have something in your life, it’s because you
believe it to be true and accept it as a fact, and the law of
compensation, which is also the law of time, is the determining

You are compensated according to your investment of time. Time is
what is necessary for imagined ideas and dreams to crystallize into a
belief. Only the strong willed and persistent achieve their desires!

So consider for a moment how much we use this incredible power we
have at our fingertips to improve the quality of our lives and have a
rich and fulfilling lifestyle.

How often do you turn on your imagination, daily, weekly or monthly,
deliberately tapping into this powerful creative source, and how
often do you dream of the people, places and things that matter to
you the most and that you think about consistently.

What are you doing with the tools and resources that we given to you
at birth for bringing out your highest and best potential? On a scale
of 1-10, how often do you imagine or daydream, how often do you dream
of something pleasant and fun, how often do you remember your dreams
and replay them in your mind?

– Dan

How to break the “chains of habit”

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It’s been said that the chains of habit are too light to be felt until they’re to heavy to be broken, because if you don’t have it in habit, you don’t have it. There are so many things competing for our attention and trying to remember to do something, is a recipe for failure.

Can you recall saying “I forgot” recently about something that was significant, like someone’s birthday or picking up something you were asked to get for your spouse? You were relying on your memory, not habit to make sure it got done.

To create a habit that lasts, you have to consciously design and imagine it and repeat over and over again until it become normal and the path of least resistance. Then we can crystallize it and make it a normal process in our minds. That is the only way to take conscious control over our lives.

Don’t let old habits hold you back, stand in your way or stop you. You have the power and, now, the understanding of what it takes to create new pathways to your success.

Lao Tzu said it best:

Watch your thoughts, they become words.
Watch your words, they become your actions.
Watch your actions, they become your habits.
Watch your habits, they become your character.
Watch your character, it becomes your destiny.

Know that once you create a new habit, you free up more willpower; you have more free attention to devote to creating other habits of you choice. Just imagine if you created a new habit every month for 3, 5 or 10 years. Consider what it would be like to be doing your significant and highly productive activities to the extent that they were pulling you forward.

And remember, “what you resist persists.” So if you find yourself resisting change because it feels uncomfortable and uncertain, you will only cause more of the same challenges to occur in your life by resisting and allowing habit gravity to pull you back down and keep you from changing.

In order to change something, you must first accept it. By accepting it, open your mind to new thought patterns and make way for more a more efficient processing of your thoughts, feeling and actions.

It’s like taking a road that you usually travel on, but it’s closed because of an accident. You then have to regroup and find another way to get around it and to your destination on time. What we’re building is a high speed pathway, neural pathways, in your mind that are always open and thought traffic is running smoothly because it’s being controlled and well managed the way you want it to be.

When you realize how much you’re influenced by the people around you and how your environment impacts you, you can wake up and exercise more of your free will. You have the privilege of establishing your own mental, spiritual, and physical environment, but once you establish it, you must become a part of it through rituals and habits.

If you’re going to set your sites on creating new rituals and habits for life, it’s imperative that you take the very first step and that is planning in detail.

– Dan

How money is tied to Your “self-image”…

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Because many of our beliefs about money are laid down early and they
were just copied from people closest to us unconsciously, we have to
examine, we have to go back and ask what was the programming, “what
were the beliefs that I was imitating when I was a child.”

What was the conversation between my parents, what was the
conversation about money, what were their beliefs, what was their
self image about success. Did they think that rich and successful
people were good people or did they think they were bad people.

Did they identify with successful people or did they identify with
people who struggled. What were the things that they believed that
they weren’t aware of that they got from their parents and ancestors.

So we need to analyze the beliefs that we have and watch them… and
become aware as they come up, because now we aware of it, we will see
when it comes up.

Download your 2-Step “image making” process here:

When we go to write down our goal or think of a goal, something will
pop up in your mind and say you’re not going to do that, who are you
to do that, who do you think you are… and you’ll see it, it will show

Instead of what you did in the past of just thinking that’s a little
voice inside my head, you’ll become aware of it and now realize that
“this voice” lives in my mind and keeps me the same

… and you’ll say to yourself, where did that come from and then you
will remember that your mother said something similar, and she would
say something like we don’t have enough money or where are you going
to get the money.

Remember this, “awareness builds its own momentum.”

To earn more you must learn more… align your inner thoughts with your
outer desires.

Imagine if you had:

– Consistent habitual practices for sustainable success and a rich mindset
– Structured internal systems that will guarantee your success when implemented

Eliminate interference that’s causing friction to make way for the
lifestyle you desire – “habit gravity” is tugging on your mind lately
and you’re working on developing enough escape velocity so that you
can break away from them.

– Dan

Download your 2-Step “image making” process here:

Harnessing the “Power” of Your Self-Image

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You know, desire is the emotion that turns your thoughts into actions…
and learned emotions are based on repeating something to yourself.

Once you have the self-image in mind of how you want to be perceived
in the world and a burning desire attached to it, you will
automatically begin to increase your perception of yourself… and
build your self-confidence.

As you see yourself differently and develop your self-image and give
it attention on a regular basis (like saying positive affirmations),
people around you will give you positive feedback and faith will take

The happiest and most successful people in the world have a really
“positive” self-image of themselves and it’s “no accident!”

Consider “making a movie” where the whole story is all about you and
not only are you the Star of the movie, you are the writer, producer
and director.  The movie is made by you and it’s all about you… it’s
whatever you want it to be without limitations or possibilities.

Now this is what I call “Thinking Into Results”… and if you’re
interested in taking your life or your business to an all-new level
of success and happiness, I suggest that you take a look at my
program of the same name Thinking Into Results.


Don’t Think In Reverse – It’s Poison to Your Mind

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We will never achieve anything of any consequence in our lives by
looking backwards!

We certainly don’t see fighter pilots looking into the rear-view
mirror too often because they’re moving at rapid speed that it might
might result in their death if they did look back too much.

Although it makes a whole lot of sense not to look backwards, unless
just for a moment, most people, if they were aware, look backwards
“consistently and habitually.”

When you look backwards and worry about past experiences that you no
longer can change, you empower them and keep them alive in the deep
recesses of your mind.

Practicing mentally activating past events, whether real or not, true
or not, stimulate the emotional side of your mind, the subconscious
mind, which it accepts as being present and true.

However, understand that the greatest achievers of today and
yesterday always look to the future and their next stepping stone and
don’t stress over the something already past and dead.

They are forever considering what if, what could be and what potentialities
are to come, rather than already what was, and then they move ahead
with speed of implementation by taking immediate action to bring
their ideas to life. Thoughts without action is just wishful thinking!

– Dan

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